Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to become a member of Bodyline?
A: YES. Bodyline is a private Members Only club. Everyone MUST register with our new computerised entry system to gain entry to Bodyline. Membership is FREE.

Q: Is my Privacy protected at Bodyline?
A: YES. Our new computerised entry system helps to protect your privacy. You are NOT even required to give your real name when your register. See the information regarding our computerised entry system >HERE<

Q: Do I have to have sex if I don't want to?
A: No. You do not have to do anything that you don't feel comfortable with. Be up front with whoever you are with and let them know straight away if you are not interested in sex.

Q: Can I smoke at Bodyline?
A: The law in Queensland bans smoking of any substance in a public venue. Unfortunately, this law also bans smoking in outdoor areas in a public venue so we are unable to provide an outdoor smoking area. Unfortunately, you must get changed back into your clothes and smoke outside.

Q: Can women go to Bodyline?
A: No. Bodyline is a sauna for Gay and Bisexual men. Women are not allowed in. You could check out the local swingers club called Mike's Place.

Q: What do I have to bring?
A: Nothing... Just yourself. We supply lockers, towels, condoms and lube and even larger and tighter fitting condoms.

Q: I'm only 17 years old. Can I get in?
A: No. You must be over 18 years of age to enter Bodyline and you will be asked for ID if you look young.

Q: What do you wear while at Bodyline?
A: We give you a towel when you arrive and you put all your clothes in a locker and just wear a towel around the venue and nothing else.

Q: Is it ok to walk around naked?
A: The rules are that upstairs you must wear a minimum of a towel and downstairs towels are optional. This rule changes on No Towel Events, when towels are optional upstairs and every one is naked downstairs.

Q: What if I get a hard on?
A: While you're downstairs you can walk around naked. If you're hard, I'm sure the guys around you would love the show.

Q: What if I don't want to go naked at a No Towel Event?
A: You may be asked to leave. If you don't want to go naked, don't come on days of our No Towel events. The rules apply to all customers on the premises.

Q: Why do I have to go naked on No Towel Nights when i don't want to?
A: Its really not fair on the other guys who are there. Other guys may not feel comfortable being naked but they are going outside their comfort zones to try new things. If they see you in a towel when they are naked, they will feel uncomfortable. If everyone is naked, the atmosphere is much hotter!

Q: Is the venue legal?
A: Yes. We follow all Brisbane City Council regulations and have a good working relationship with the local police.

Q: Will I catch something at Bodyline?
A: We recommend practicing safer sexual practices. Always wear a condom and get regular sexual health checkups. Condoms are available free of charge along with personal lubricant in all the rooms downstairs. For more info on safer sex go to

Q: What if I run into someone I know there?
A: First of all... Its dark, so they probably won't recognize you. Second, they are also here so they are probably just as scared about you blabbing as you are about them.

Q: Is it clean at Bodyline?
A: The entire venue is scrubbed top to bottom every morning by professional cleaners . The private rooms are also cleaned during the day as well by our counter staff. If you see a room is in need of cleaning please let the staff know.

Q: Does Bodyline do it's part in helping to save water?
A: Yes. Water saver shower roses and dual flush toilets are installed and we encourage all our vistors to conserve water usage by taking shorter showers.