Your Privacy

Bodyline has now implemented a new computerised entry system.

This new computerised entry system has been specifically commissioned by Bodyline and has been written to ensure that your personal privacy is protected.

The new membership system used by Bodyline will offer you the following benefits:

  • Increased privacy: (No membership card required / No rewards card required)
  • Faster Sign In / Sign Out
  • Automatic Pass Outs
  • Automatic concession entry fee for Concession Card holders & Students
    (*After registration with valid concession card / student ID)
  • Automatic tracking of your rewards points (Frequent Entry Discounts)
  • Simplified purchases of products whilst in venue for deferred payment at exit
The new membership system uses the latest in Biometrics technology to identify your membership record.

Finger Vein Reader:
    Finger Vein Readers are the latest in biometrics technology which scans the internal vein structure of your finger to identify your membership records.

    Finger Vein Scans are Non-Forensic which means that the data collected can not be matched to any evidence collected by law enforcement agencies.

Your Personal Privacy is PROTECTED

The biometrics system used at Bodyline can only be used to locate your membership records stored at this venue.
  • Biometrics data is collected and converted to a series of "plot points" and stored only as a non-human readable data block.

  • Biometrics data can NOT be used to reproduce or re-create a person's biometric "fingerprint".
  • Biometrics data can NOT be used by law enforcement agencies for identification purposes.

Your Membership Records:

As part of your membership records, this system may store some of the following information.
  • Membership Number: your unique membership number allocated to you
  • Biometrics Data: your biometric data used to identify your membership record
  • Name or Alias: Any name you wish to be known as by our system
  • Membership Type: Casual Entry / Student / Concession
  • Membership Expiry: for students / concession card holders
  • Concession / Student Card Number: last 4 digits only (for validation purposes)
  • Concession / Student Card Expiry: (for validation purposes)
  • Last visit: date of your previous visit
  • Total Number of visits: total number of visits to this venue
  • Client Reward Points: automatic calculation of accumulated reward points for discount entries
  • Purchases: purchases made whilst in venue for deferred payment at time of exit
  • Locker Allocation: Locker number allocated to you during your visit
Optional Information:

You have the OPTION of supplying us with the following additional information:
  • Date of Birth: Discounted Entry on your Birthday
  • Postcode: Your post code
  • Email Address: Receive information about special events & discounts via email

  • Your membership records may be automatically deleted from our system after a period of in-activity.
  • Information collected and stored by this system will not be disclosed or distributed to any third parties.