Safe Sex - Always

Bodyline recommends: ALWAYS practice safe sex.

  • Always wear a condom !

Fucking without condoms is the main risk for transmitting HIV. It involves risk for both partners, even if you pull out before cumming.
Condoms are available free of charge along with personal lubricant in all the rooms downstairs.
We can even supply larger and tighter fitting condoms if you need them.

  • Never reuse condoms and if you change partners, put on a new condom.
  • Cover insertive sex toys like dildos with a new condom for each user.
  • Use latex gloves for fisting.
  • Get regular sexual health checkups.

Other sexual activities, like kissing, hugging, fingering, rimming and fucking between thighs (no penetration) are safe for HIV provided there are no cuts, abrasions or sores, so check yourself for broken skin.

The chances of getting HIV through oral sex are very low. HIV is mainly passed on through oral sex when the person giving oral sex has open sores in their mouth (cold sores, cuts or ulcers) and gets cum in their mouth.

Additional Info on Safe Sex:

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