Events at Bodyline

TOTAL EXPOSURE: Towel Free Wednesdays

Bodyline's No Towel Events are Brisbane's HOTTEST night out.

The rules are:

  • upstairs towels are optional
  • downstairs EVERYONE IS NAKED.

The rules are enforced, so if you're shy maybe this isn't the best night for you to come.

These hugely popular events are not for the faint hearted. Regulars say that when people lose their towel they also loose their inhibitions. It can get pretty full on down there so be prepared.

Every Wednesday is a No Towels Day. All day and night.

Cut Price Mondays

Buddy Mondays has now been replaced by Cut Price Mondays. Whether you come along to stand and model or to get down and dirty, you can be guaranteed it will be standing room only.

Fifty two weeks of the year (including public holidays), Monday at Bodyline can be a regular event on your social calendar or a great opportunity for a casual shag on a Monday night. The choice is up to you.

Everyone now gets in for the same low price of $22.00 (Casual Entry) or $20.00 (Concession & Students) every Monday, including public holidays.

For more information ask the staff at reception.

Shorts & Jocks Day

1st Thursday of each month.

Wear your shorts or jocks downstairs all day on the 1st Thursday of each month.
This is a great way for those 1st timers to introduce yourself to the sauna experience.

If you're a bit shy, this is the day for you !!!

Wear your favourite shorts or jock to Bodyline and show them off until you get them off.