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Jean-Paul first trained in New Zealand as a masseur and also completed his Certificate 1V in massage from Sage Institute in Melbourne 2015.

He adjusts the pressure to suit the recipient, without losing the therapeutic effect on a physical level. Relax with long strokes of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports mix.

Jean-Paul also trained with Kumu (Teacher) Iolani, in Mullumbimby in the art of Lomi-Lomi (Hawaiian Style) sometimes referred to as kahuna.

Traditionally Lomi-Lomi is a rites of passage ceremony. Clients are asked to come with a particular intention they want to let go of, and another positive intention they want to call forth in their life in order to let go of the limitations that may holding one back. The flowing movement up, down and underneath the body with coconut oil is like being caressed by the ocean. It can take you to a deep wonderful place to help with integration with any transition, such as grief or new adventure and is more beneficial for emotional release.

Jean-Paul is also a qualified Counsellor, having worked in the industry for the past 10 years with Drug and Alcohol and Domestic Violence programs. He received his Degree in Counselling Applied in New Zealand in 2010.

As a counsellor, he incorporates mostly psychodrama, cognitive behaviour, narrative therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Visualisation, Affirmation approaches to exploring negative thoughts and to help design achievable strategies that make real differences to ones life.

He is moving towards more adaptive practice to incorporate both healing modalities, by shifting emotional blockages that may also be expressed in physical form. Science has proven that emotions get stored in the body as stress, so it makes sense that to work from both angles may help to make more lasting changes.

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COUNSELLING (Outcall Only)

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